The Media Lynching – the tabloid media was a self-constituted court together with Bagmandspolitiet set out to executed me  

Some Examples of Fabricated Stories and Lies During my Solitary Confinement

There exists a great amount of these deliberately planted “stories” from the Special Prosecution (Bagmandspolitiet), just to name a few, which can all be described as fabricated lies, innuendoes and false claims.

These headlines and stories are all very prejudicial and show “a trial by newspapers” dating from the period when I was in total isolation in solitary confinement and without any possibility to comment on these lies.

Seeing such lies in solitary confinement only added to my mental pain and frustration and therefore confirmed my view of the unlawful activity of Bagmandspolitiet and the authorities’ concerted action against me and my companies.

When my defence attorney and I finally got permission to publish a press release or comment on these lies, the damage had been done – everyone had seen the headlines and read the stories, I was guilty.

A most effective way to criminalise someone and to get the media and journalists committed against me.

Even when I told Bagmandspolitiet that my wife had been contacted by criminal elements, the headlines in the newspaper the next day painted a bad picture of me, despite that it was me who had informed Bagmandspolitiet what had happened.

This was after three members of the Bagmandspolitiet were present at a short meeting I had with my wife, supervising what I said and what she told me.

Since the people from Bagmandspolitiet obviously did not understand English, I told them that my wife had been contacted by some criminals and they should look into the matter immediately.

Nevertheless, the next day all of the headlines proclaimed my involvement with these criminals.

One could ask why Bagmandspolitiet contacted the tabloid press with this story?

Just another lie by Bagmandspolitiet using a common criminal to get involved with me in prison  


The lies about bad cheques issued by the companies

 (February 5, 6 and 7, 1980)

Bagmandspolitiet conveyed the information to the press that the companies had no money and that several “bad” cheques had been issued by the companies prior to the closing and my arrest.

No bad cheques had ever been issued by the companies and this was a lie. According to the auditor’s report, the companies in Denmark had liquid assets in the banks amounting to D.Kr. 1.8 million on January 31st.

In addition to this amount Bagmandspolitiet (Special Prosecution), had seized almost D.Kr. 400,000 in cheques issued to the companies and paid in the days before my arrest and the closing of the companies.

The cheques had not been taken to the bank and the Special Prosecution cancelled (annulled) these cheques by telephoning the respective client who had paid in these cheques to the companies.

These telephone calls took place while the accused was sitting at the office of Bagmandspolitiet, solely accused of personal tax evasion. Hence the countermanding of these cheques was illegal.

When the cheques had been refused by the banks, this was exclusively attributed to the fact that the Special Prosecution had seized all bank accounts in order to impede payments.

The Special Prosecution knew from their telephone monitoring that, the day I was arrested, SCE planned to issue margin calls for up to 10 million Kroner; such payment had to be paid within a few days thereafter by the client.

These headlines about bad cheques influenced the public views but to make matters worse, they influenced the Commercial Court. Bagmandspolitiet informed the Maritime and Commercial Court (Sø- og Handelsretten) that there was absolutely no money in the companies, as cheques were returned (without telling them the above-mentioned facts).

Hence the commercial court refused to believe my statement which was, of course, the truth, that the companies had close to two million in cash as stated by the auditor’s report later on and had absolutely no liquidity problem prior to the closing by Bagmandspolitiet.

Just as an example as to the company’s liquidity five months before Bagmandspolitiet closed the companies, I found a bank statement from 10 days in September 1979 showing that near US$2M had been paid in showing substantial liquidity. (Den Danske Bank – September 1979)

Without any documents and a legal advisor in the Maritime and Commercial court, everything I said to the judge was ridiculed by the Bagmandspolitiet and it was on such basis that the companies and I were declared bankrupt. The Special Prosecution auditors (at a cost of more than 4 million Kroner), later confirmed that everything I had said at the time – as to my solvency – was correct, but then everything was too late and the damage was done.

The lies about a planned hostage coup




Planned hostage-taking at the Vestre Fængsel – “Set me free by force” (April 4, 5 and 6, 1980, published in many newspapers)




This fantastic story is exclusively based on a message smuggled out to my wife (given during a court hearing), in



a desperate attempt to counter the injustices as I witnessed it. I was innocent and considered all the actions by Bagmandspolitiet as illegal.

The message reads “get me out of here”; this was however crossed out by me before giving it on to my wife. Moreover, I told Bagmandspolitiet about this note later.



In other words, all other lies and monstrosities like masked hold-ups of prison staff etc. had nothing to do with me and were just a fabricated story based entirely on a crossed out sentence “get me out of here”. It was normal for the tabloid that “A Feather became a Bird”

This note could be anticipated by Bagmandspolitiet and in fact, they “allowed” me to pass this on. Anyone in my situation would write such a note asking their wife to help after months in solitary confinement. Even the management of the Vestre Fængsel (Vestre Prison), contacted me in my isolation cell as they anticipated the headline stories that were going to be written by the press at the time because the newspapers had already contacted them. Incidentally, I was not even at the prison of Vridsløselille at the time which most articles told their readers, but at Vestre Prison in solitary confinement.


The Prejudicial Trial by the Media

The free press has a great responsibility to its readers as the most important mechanisms for ensuring that the government respects the rights of its citizens. Most of the Danish media failed badly in ensuring my rights to be treated fairly and according to the basic human rights – that you are innocent until proven guilty.

When it was obvious that the solitary confinement combined with the events which took place had badly affected me, instead of being responsible and pointing out why I behaved as I did, the media attacked me with sensational headlines which crucified me to its readers and the Danish public. The lies about a billion fraud with silver which did not exist

“Milliard svindel med sølv der ikke eksisterer”

This article was entirely fabricated by Bagmandspolitiet the day after my arrest for alleged tax evasion. The article claimed that a billion Danish Kroners worth of fraud had taken place.

We did not have any commitment to buy this silver according to the contract the companies had with the clients in the first place. This fact was confirmed later by two respected Swedish law professors (see White had to be Black). Moreover, by the companies lawyers when these contracts were made.

Secondly, when the prosecution, after more than fourteen months, charged me with this ridiculous charge, the amount was for 34.5 million kroner not 1000 million kroner.

I told Bagmandspolitiet, in the first days, where to find the various balances of the companies and it was totally clear from all the documentation which had been seized that it did not concern a billion (milliard) Danish kroner or anything close to this amount; such was entirely sensationalism for the Danish public.

The lies about fake gold bars

The silver king behind the large-scale import of false gold bars etc. (July 1, 2, 3 and 7, 1980)

These false accusations were exclusively based on the intentions of the Bagmandspolitiet (Special Prosecution), and the fiscal (tax) authorities to find out who were the clients of SCE, who they had been looking for but did not find the names of when they raided the offices of the companies.

They were looking for black money. Therefore Bagmandspolitiet came up with a classic idea to involve an already convicted conman – who they could lean on and get to tell the press anything about, just for him to get publicity; I later had that confirmed by him. In making the clients, who had purchased “over the counter” with cash (and therefore unknown to the tax people), nervous and worried about their precious metal (gold, silver or platinum bars), they believed that these people would come forward.

Such clients would indeed be worried if these bars were fake; nevertheless, not many of SCE’s true clients believe these stories about fake bars, but the public at large did. This last fact criminalized me.

The many clients who, through the years, purchased precious metal and gold coins over the counter did not provide their names to our staff since we had no legal basis to request their name. They purchased “goods” over the counter and paid a high sales tax to Denmark. Our staff had detailed instruction “not to see or remember” these people since we had no legal obligation to do so.

Neither the companies nor I ever did buy or order any gold bars from any sellers in Paris, according to my defence lawyer at the time (Jorgen Jacobsen), this outrageous claim was created by Bagmandspolitiet to “criminalise me” in the public’s eye and get the public sympathy against me.

The Special Prosecution knew that all of this was a lie and this conveniently gave several of their members an excuse for a few trips to Paris.


With regards to SCE’s clients, some of whom had purchased silver, platinum and palladium bars over the counter; it did make them nervous and create anxiety about their precious metal bars with regards to if they were real or not.

Never mind that Bagmandspolitiet’s lies could cause a direct loss to the customer since a State Control examination would impair the bars by 10-15% of their value.

Naturally, no false bars were ever sold nor found; nevertheless, it made many investors nervous and again framed me as some sort of fraudster in the media with a criminal connection.

The lies that SCE drove a senior banker to defraud his bank

“Silver adventure drove bank official to defraud of millions” This case was reported over a period of time with many headline articles connecting me and SCE with a banker’s crime.

These were all lies and made up stories with regards to me and the companies involvement.

My company and I were blamed for his fraud or indirectly always mentioned in these articles, although I was not directly acquainted with the person in question. It is true that he was a client of the companies and had been for several years.

Bagmandspolitiet even told the newspapers (and was quoted), that they believed that I knew that he had stolen the money to buy his silver and platinum bars and because I knew I may have sold him fake bars – all lies.

The senior banker had apparently started his embezzlement before SCE even opened in Denmark. I did not know him as a client of the companies, despite that he had regularly purchased gold coins, silver and platinum bars for several years. Naturally, his embezzlement had no connection to any kind of pressure on the part of SCE or me; I later spoke to him in prison and he confirmed this to me in person.

It is true to say that this criminal would never have been found out without Bagmandspolitiet’s raid on SCE and my arrest. His computer fraud, through many years, was very sophisticated and even the banks’ accountants and auditors had, through the years, not found anything wrong. The lies of my connection with a Mafioso intending to set me free etc. (July 5, 6, 7 and 8, 1980) “Mafia gangster arrested in connection with Hauschildt”

Despite that when my wife and I were in the presence of three persons from the Special Prosecution, I told Bagmandspolitiet whilst having a short meeting with them, about this planned attempt to get me free.

As previously mentioned, none of the three members of the Special Prosecution understood English (although they had been assigned to listen to my conversation with my wife).

My wife told me that some criminal people had contacted her; these people had told her that they would get me out of prison. Hearing this, I immediately told the Special Prosecution members about this as it was obviously some scam.

Nevertheless, Bagmandspolitiet immediately told the press and therefore I still had more than an egg in my face and was again exposed to extensive press coverage and public criticisms associating me with known criminals. As to the fact that it was me informing Bagmandspolitiet, only a little note appeared about this and the public was left thinking, as always, that I had connections with criminal elements and therefore a criminal – all long before my trial. The lies by Bagmandspolitiet as to Black Market Trading in Gold Bars  “Sortbørs-handel med falske barrer”

This lie directly quoted Bagmandspolitiet saying that they believed that I had been dealing in fake silver and gold bars amounting to millions on the black market, aside from selling real precious metal bars.

An absolute lie. Bagmandspolitiet believed that all of the clients would keep their mouths closed as they feared to go to the authorities, knowing well that they had purchased these bars with black money.

Bagmandspolitiet even informed the newspapers that they had sent all the precious metal bars found from the raid of SCE to the “Teknologisk Institut” to be examined and analysed as they believed some would be fake. BT, one of the tabloid Danish newspapers, even went so far as to contact a manufacturer in Paris, who claimed that SCE was his biggest client. Moreover, they found some Danish criminal in Paris who claimed that I had contacted him, naturally also a lie.

All of these lies were swallowed by the public and again criminalised my person, all of this at a time of solitary confinement, where I could do nothing. No fake bars were ever found and no black market ever existed involving me or the companies.

Where the headlines reported that this popular TV-journalist had lost a million, the real truth, she had invested DKr.100,000 and borrowed on margin. The tabloid newspaper tells it, readers, that she was on the brink of bankruptcy. Very prejudicial, interestingly, she would have benefitted greatly if Bagmandspolitiet had not closed the companies because she made purchases of platinum and silver ingots in June and July 1979. 



Editorial Coverage and Prejudice

The fact that the media slowly became committed after writing so many lies and innuendoes – all attacking me, played a major part in creating a public trial by newspapers. The editorial lines of many leading newspapers were to throw as much dirt as possible on my person, on my clients and my companies.

The Danish media failed miserably with this responsibility in my case, a media dominated by the socialist, passing off propaganda as news, mostly fake news and lies. Instead of seeing it through the authorities’ eye with true concerted intention, they went along as a lap dog and swallowed all the lies and misinformation that Bagmandspolitiet created to justify their actions. Worse, most stories were twisted to serve the editorial bias.

Worse off, the media took an active part in pointing out that I was guilty and deserved a long prison sentence.

In many countries, such editorial lines would have stopped my case, as this was pre-judicial and would not allow me to get a fair trial. Denmark is a small country and this popular media coverage had devastating effects on everything and ultimately gave me an unfair trial.




Media Lynching – the tabloid media was a self-constituted court together with Bagmandspolitiet set out to executed me  

At a time when I suffered badly with strong migraines, lack of sleep, severe stress symptoms, severe anxiety, recurring nightmares, flashbacks, extreme agitation and irritability with severe depression; the media just ridiculed me, making amusement of my suffering and totally ignoring my real conditions.

My defence lawyers appealed to the media many times and pointed out that Bagmandspolitiet tortured me and asked the courts to allow me consultation and treatment from outside medical help.

Through all of the more than four years, the courts and the prosecution did not want me to get “outside” help; they simply did not want me to expose what had happened to me and my “mental scars” of the invisible torture. Mental scars really made me unfit to stand trial. No psychological or psychiatric examination was carried out on me through all those years.

The Lies by Bagmandspolitiet as to Hidden Money Abroad

The many headlines and lies were regular fodder to the media in order to allow the Bagmandspolitiet (Special Prosecution), to travel all over the place. The headlines with regards to hidden money regularly featured in the press during my solitary confinement.

The simple truth, when on the first day Bagmandspolitiet seized all the documentation and files from my offices, they knew about every penny I had abroad including details of all bank accounts. I kept all the details in my files in Denmark as I had nothing to hide. All statement was sent to me in Denmark. At the time of my arrest, I had US$ 1,85 million on overnight rates in London (see confirmation Time Deposit London September 1980).

All of the lies about hidden money from Brazil to the USA were created entirely for the media to justify all the costs and travel by members of the prosecution.

As to Judge Claus Larsen in the City Court, he had to be asked each time by Bagmandspolitiet with regards to allowing the taxpayers’ money to be used for “another” travelling trip – always after Bagmandspolitiet had already argued their case in the tabloid press telling them that I had hidden money abroad. Practically all of my liquid assets were in London, not in Switzerland or any offshore place; moreover, I had offered to bring this money to Denmark immediately after my arrest.

When Bagmandspolitiet could not justify any more travel, they just asked a professional conman to go to the media and tell some stories about Brazil or the USA, painting a criminal picture of me. Headlines saying that I had hidden millions in Brazil and had been importing false gold bars to Denmark – were all lies.

The fact that the media slowly became committed after writing so many lies and innuendoes – all attacking me, played a major part in creating a public trial by newspapers.

The editorial lines of many leading newspapers were to throw as much dirt as possible on my person, on my clients and my companies. Worse still, the media took an active part in pointing out that I was guilty and deserved a long prison sentence.

In many countries, such editorial lines would have stopped my case, as this was pre-judicial and not allowing me to get a fair trial. Denmark is a small country and this popular media coverage had devastating effects on everything and my right to a fair trial.

The tabloid press becomes committed and ultimately concerted against me, together with the Danish authorities, giving me an unfair trial. In the days after my arrest, I offered to bring all of my liquid assets to Denmark (D.Kr. 12-14 million), but Bagmandspolitiet did not want this since they could not justify their actions and the closing down of the companies. Moreover, they knew where all my assets were from the first day when the seized all our files and accounts. 

Nevertheless, the newspapers later attacked me as making millions every year despite that I was locked up in pre-trial detention. Because I was making millions on interest and had millions abroad, I deserved to stay locked up and the public should not have any pity on me! 

“For the 55th time! No, you will not be allowed to get out Hauschildt”

Despite that I had been offered an opportunity to be released many months earlier if I did not go ahead with a re-trial and that I had served the seven years sentence by the lower court prior to the High Court trial, the newspapers could write such headlines and argue that I should remain incarcerated.

The fact that I was kept incarcerated in pre-trial detention during the High Court trial was subjected to extensive speculation in the Danish media with regards to a possible additional sentence. This example of headlines on the right: “For the 55th time! No, you will not be allowed to get out Hauschildt”, shows how the press continued to write as to conjecture and speculate based entirely on the fact that I still was kept in pre-trial detention.

The press concluded that because the judges in the High Court did not allow me freedom and still kept me in pre-trial confinement, they had already, on the first days of the trial, considered that I was guilty and that I would receive a sentence in excess of seven years. This is at a time where my defence argued that I was innocent of all charges.

No reader was ever told that I would have been free and out of my pre-trial detention if I had not appealed the verdict from City Court – a trial which later was judged to be unfair and contravened the European Convention of Human Rights. Denmark did keep me a hostage to justice.





The companies had fulfilled all of their obligations until Mogens Hauschildt arrest for allege tax evasion

Advocate John Korsø-Jensen

The allegation for tax evasion, which was “used” to arrest Mogens Hauschildt with, was fabricated by the authorities in order to legitimise their illegal action and abuse of power.

The allegation was fictitious and never resulted in any indictment; there was no tax evasion.

From the first day of this miscarriage of justice, there has been a closed concerted conspiracy between the special prosecution, which they have themselves “fabricated” and thus instigated the case, the fiscal and financial authorities in Denmark, the courts and the Ministry of Justice.

Advocate Folmer Reindel

Most of the Danish media published, uncritically, all of the stories that they received from Bagmandspolitiet.

All giving headlines despite that most was fabricated lies and malicious innuendoes.

It was important to cause maximum losses for the investors and companies, through the use of the media providing false allegations, lies and a general cover-up of the truth.

After all, Mogens Hauschildt was locked-up and incarcerated in total Solitary Confinement.

Advocate Folmer Reindel

The Danish public and many clients of Scandinavian Capital Exchange was fooled and lied to by Bagmandspolitiet and the Danish media. Fooled by the misinformation, malicious lies and innuendoes put out by the prosecution in the press.

Advocat Folmer Reindel


We know today how Stasi worked in DDR, just spying on ordinary citizens' movements, making files on everyone and everything.

Bagmandspolitiet had in my case more than five years, during which they could act as an agent provocateur, intercept telephone calls, communication and spy on me, our staff and the companies; “leak” disinformation, lies and rumours.

Criminal Commissioner Mogens Kanding from Bagmandspolitiet (Special Prosecution) told Jyllands-Posten, Friday the 1st February 1980 :

“We have been investigating the company since it started (1974) just to see what is happening. Approximately three weeks ago our investigation became more intensive on our own initiative. We have not received any complaints“.

Mogens Kanding, criminal commissioner from Bagmandspolitiet tells Børsen (the main financial newspaper) on the day after my arrest:

“Through channels which we control we have found out that possible serious tax evasion has taken place, according to the criminal code paragraph 289 tells Mogens Kanding Børsen”.

“We will go through all the material and especially concentrate on the companies order confirmations and dealings with its clients since we wish to double control on these client’s tax returns. At the same time we want to concentrate to see if there has been any wrongdoing by the company, as an example if we suspect any fraud against the clients, we will contact these clients and ask for their version.”

Bagmandspolitiet has been investigating the company for more than five years just to see what? Just like Stasi or KGB. As Stalin said, “Show me a person and I will always find a reason against him” (to kill him or send him to the Gulag).

No complaint had been made to the police and the Special Prosecution (Bagmandspolitiet). The Special Prosecution decided themselves to take the action.

Further, that black money was invested in precious metals and the profits were tax free outside the reach of the fiscal authorities. This could NOT BE TOLERATED, despite that the current law allowed this at the time.

My British barristers Geoffrey Robertson QC and Kier Starmer were shocked to find out the powers of the Special Prosecution (Bagmandspolitiet) and that they themselves could select their target, act as agent provocateurs, intercept communication and create disinformation and lies. They compared rightly Bagmandspolitiet, in the European Court of Human Rights, to Stasi and KGB.

I was a victim of the Danish state: it was the state that took me hostage, traumatised me; and despite the judgment from the European Court of Human Rights, Denmark never recognised that in any shape or form.

At the outset of the trial in the lower court (Copenhagen City Court) my defence attorney Folmer Reindel said to a leading newspaper, Berlingske Tidende:

"With the collaboration between the judge (Claus Larsen), the prosecution and the prison service, which consequence seriously affects and prevent the defence - I fear a miscarriage of justice"

It was obvious to everyone except the tabloid media.
"Med det samarbejde, der I sagen foregår mellem dommeren, fængselsvæsenet og anklagemyndigheden, og hvis konsekvens er en væsentlig hindring af forsvarets mulighed, frygter jeg et justitsmord"

I was a victim of the Danish State; it was the state that took me, hostage, in pre-trial detention for more than 4 years. Kept me for more than 300 days in solitary confinement and traumatised me for life.
Denmark has never recognised that in any shape or form.

Police Commissioner Mogens Kanding (from Bagmandspolitiet) told the main newspaper Politiken, on the day of my arrest for alleged tax evasion. (31st January 1980) –  ALL  LIES

"A major part of the profit from the Danish company, which had a turnover of half a billion Kroner, apparently has been transferred to post-box companies in Switzerland" 

Next day Police Commissioner Mogens Kanding (from Bagmandspolitiet) told the newspaper Politiken:

“That a major part of the profit from the Danish company, which had a turnover of half a billion Kroner (500 million) apparently has been transferred to post-box companies in Switzerland. After the carrying out of the search, we have been able to confirm that large amounts have been sent to companies in Switzerland and there is often only a lawyer’s office there where the money is then hidden from the police”

After the police, tax authorities and the customs and excise office’s investigation, it does look like the company in Denmark have earned large amounts on the Swiss addresses.

                                                       All Lies!!!


Special Prosecutor Finn Meilby, the Chief of Bagmandspolitiet (Special Prosecution) told the largest tabloid newspaper BT on the 31st January 1980:

"It is our impression that the money has been taken out of the country"

"That the arrest of Mogens Hauschildt only concerns the alleged tax evasions"

I was never charged with tax evasion since this was a trumped-up charge - there truly was no tax evasion by me or the companies.

“Hauschildt you have been selected – and judged. You were selected because you are a “foreign Dane” with no political affiliation or power, you work in a business which daily deals with Swiss banks, New York and London – movement of money and in a financial market most people in Denmark do not know and can’t participate in, you controlled your business and do not employ many people, not like a factory owner.”-

                                 Advocate Jørgen Jacobsen (1980)

No one has been held accountable for the injustices in my case, my treatment, the solitary confinement, the unjust treatment of my family, the staff and many of Scandinavian Capital Exchange’s clients.

My customers' faith was sealed when at a cabinet meeting in the late autumn of 1979 at Christiansborg; Prime Minister Anker Jørgensen was confronted with a report showing all the failures of the Special Prosecution for Economic Crimes (Bagmandspolitiet), a creation by the Socialist.

The Danish High Court Judge Holger Kallehague said to Politiken newspaper (12th September 1982) that:

Hauschildt was subjected to the same treatment and "justice" as the suspected and alleged witches five hundred years earlier. They would bind the poor woman, put her into a sack and fill the sack with stones after which they throw her into the water.
If she drowned, she could not have been a witch; and was innocent, however, if she got free and came to the surface, she must have been a witch and therefore, was burned alive on the fire.

I told the courts many times that I was both physically and mentally ill and wanted to consult a psychiatrist and get outside medical attention. - I was refused this during the four years of pre-trial detention - therefore I was never treated for all my illnesses caused by the more than four years of pre-trial detention with the long total solitary confinement!

Bagmandspolitiet directly prevented me from having my complaint about my long solitary confinement and atrocious treatment dealt with by the European Commission of Human Rights. Bagmandspolitiet held back all correspondence with the Commission for more than 24 months. A serious breach of the Convention.

In pre-trial solitary confinement, I remained vulnerable against the unjustifiable parasitic strains of the Danish tabloid press.

”I feel that I have been reduced to a defence counsel in a Russian Military Court.” 

Advocate Folmer Reindel told the Copenhagen City Court

Professor of Law, Ole Krarup, said that:

“I played chess blindfolded“

I did indeed - and there was nothing neither I nor my defence lawyers could do about this injustice.

My first defence attorney advocate Jørgen Jacobsen’s statement to the Court:

“The prosecution could as well hold their “court hearings” at their own offices without the judges, the defence and the accused – the result would be the same.”

Advocate Folmer Reindel told the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg – 26th September 1988:

“It is clear that the Danish authorities had, for a long time, the objective to close down Hauschildt’s successful and profitable business, irrespective, that the companies acted correctly and within the Danish law.

From the first day of the action against Hauschildt and his companies, it has been the objective of the Danish authorities to justify their illegal acts at any cost, including keeping Hauschildt in solitary confinement and pre-trial detention for more than four years as a hostage to justice. The Danish authorities acted with total contempt for the Danish law, justice and the European Human Rights Convention.

Hauschildt and his companies became a victim of the Danish State”

The European Court of Human Rights held an open court hearing on the 26th September 1988, in front of the full court of 17 judges from all the 17 member countries.

The German, French, Belgian and Dutch television were there, but not the Danish State Television which for years had been used by the Danish authorities to create a trial by the media.

The Danish public and many clients of Scandinavian Capital Exchange was fooled and lied to by Bagmandspolitiet and the Danish media. Fooled by the misinformation, malicious lies and innuendoes put out by the prosecution in the press.

I always considered myself as a "Systemfange", a prisoner of conscience; the case against me and my companies was entirely political.

                                                      - Mogens Hauschildt

The famous Danish TV host, author and priest Jørgen Thorgaard wrote in the tabloid BT referring to my case, which was finished at the time:

“It is my impression that the police, the courts and the prosecution in the best scenario have been acting very incompetently and in the worst scenario, created a miscarriage of justice”.


In an interview with Berlingske Tidende in 1981, Finn Meilby, the chief of Bagmandspolitiet said that some “observations” can go on for years, others go fast.

“In the current case of the gold and silver speculations, Bagmandspolitiet worked hectically for thirty days. The market was so overheated that they got our interest and quickly received information confirming our suspicion of lawbreaking activities. We foresaw that large and small savers were running a risk – and hit”

They raided the companies for “open television” without any complaint – only a trump-up charge of alleged tax evasion.


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